The Everywhere Store 2018: "Continente Card is an international example"

The food retail of the Sonae group presented by Tiago Simões, marketing director of Sonae MC.


The Everywhere Store 2018: the resilience of the hypermarket format in Portugal

Tiago Simões, Director of Marketing at Sonae MC, presented what is called "The Continent Experience" at the conference organized by Tlantic in New York.


The Everywhere Store 2018: physical store still beats e-commerce

Check out the key findings from The Everywhere Store, a retail conference organized by Tlantic in New York, to discuss the industry trends


“The Everyhwere Store” - Tlantic's Conference in New York

"Creating Worlds of Experience" is the motto of the 2018 edition, including experts from areas ranging from virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to e-commerce payment services, in-store technology, among others.


Sánchez Romero en The Everywhere Store 2018

Enric Ezquerra, Presidente Ejecutivo de los Supermercados Sánchez Romero, presenta nuevo modelo de negocio del minorista español

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