Worforce Management

Point of Sale

Tlantic Mobile Retail™
Tlantic Mobile Retail
Information always available where it's needed!

Mobile application that allows store employees to perform all tasks without leaving the customer or the shop floor.

Mobile App that uses real time integrated information to lead multiple operations on the store floor, with complete efficiency. Tlantic Mobile Retail easily converts a common employee into a specialized consultant, by centralizing information and processes that are vital to the business. As employees can perform all tasks without abandoning the client, it boosts execution of internal processes, increases efficiency, motivation and customer satisfaction.

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  • Labels issuance and print
  • Out-of-Stocks management
  • Audits, alerts, miscellaneous check-list, restocking request
  • Preparing campaigns, windows, displays
  • Expiry dates control
  • Items depreciation
  • Price audit
  • Stocks control and movement
  • Receptions, transfers, out-of-stocks, stock counts, returns
  • Customer reservations
IDC EHI World Retail Awards CMMI