The Everywhere Store 2019: What happens to the customer when their digital journey is interrupted

Tom Gruen, a researcher at the University of New Hampshire, showcased his investigation on the effects of interrupted digital shopping journeys during The Everywhere Store 2019.


The Everywhere Store 2019: Data, Empathy and Transparency are the Tripod in Consumer Experience

During the NRF 2019, the retail community discussed the key role of the employee to humanize the client's journey in an era in which technology dictates the rules.


The Everywhere Store 2019: Tlantic and Kaizen Institute held the 5th Global Retail Meeting in New York

Between January 13 and 15, companies such as Sonae, FGV and Boa Supermercados led the debates about the world of retail in The Everywhere Store.


Tlantic takes a global retail meeting into the NRF 2019

The 5th global edition of The Everywhere Store, a meeting that addresses trends and innovations for retail, promoted by Tlantic, a multinational of retail solutions, will take place in 2019 with a new format within the NRF Big Retail Show in New York.


Tlantic announces another edition of The Everywhere Store inside the NRF 2019

For the third consecutive year in the city, Tlantic announces that the event will present a new concept, with debates in six sessions divided throughout the three days of the NRF. The goal is to discuss common themes among retailers from different sectors.

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